a feast for all hallow's eve...

Tonight is Halloween and we spent it with our daughter and her family eating roasted organic chicken, sipping red French wine and telling stories filled with laughter and grace. One of my deepest joys is setting a table for my loved ones, cooking a meal filled with love and then feasting in their presence - it made tonight holy ground. 

I haven't been able to spend any serious time with this part of the family since before our sabbatical when we had a feast out at their farm house in April. Yes, we shared 20 minutes at grandson Louie's birthday in Brooklyn, but we had to leave early to get back for Sunday worship so it was quick hugs and then out on the highway.. That made tonight a mini-reunion of sorts - and I was filled to overflowing. Earlier in the day I also got the chance to spend time on the phone with my dear brother-from-another-mother, Peter, in Ontario so this was REALLY a joy filled day. 

Now here's the thing: nothing special happened - just conversation, good food and lots of shared memories - but at this point in the journey, that's all I need - and want! So, as I get ready to call it a day before celebrating All Saints Day in the morning with my beloved community of faith, I want to express my deep gratitude. Thanks be to God for this day and the loved ones who made the effort to share it with me.


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