when you're feeling down... dance, baby, dance

Ok, there are tons of important things to write about and to paraphrase my spiritual guide: they will always be with us. Sadly, poverty, bigotry, fear and violence are not going away anytime soon, yes? So, after a day of engaging the principalities and powers - and giving time to the Lord in prayer - anyone out there listen to some stupid, shake yer booty music and dance around the house like no one's watching? It is good therapy, folks, and helps keep this clergy person sane during these bone-chilling days with windchill of -35F below zero. Tonight, these tunes got the fires roaring for me before church council:

Tommy Tutone's 1981 hit "867-5309" - a song that was reborn in the late 90s with hand motions in classrooms all across America - and just makes you want to jump around. There is nothing redeeming or socially useful about it, but damn is it fun! 

Next up is Cameo's 1986 monster:  "Word Up." It is so damn funky and fun that no matter how down, abused or confused I feel, when I hear these cats get down I have to to get into the action and start shakin' the bacon. Why, this is more fun than Rick James' "Super Freak" and I luv Rick James.

Damn but I love me some "Word Up" - and I just wouldn't be honest if I didn't give sister Willis an honorary mention for her KILLER remake of this song. Heard one night on CSI: Las Vegas and it knocked me on my butt. It blows away the blues in spades, so take a moment right now and let its magic wash over you.  Do not pass go or fretter this chance away: just freakin' listen!

And last but not least is Dire Straits brilliant 1985 send up:  Money For Nothing! When that guitar cuts through the synthesizers... OMG! The world stops for a second and simply launches me out of my seat into something resembling St. Vitus Dance! It gets all spazzy and unrefined to be sure, but the groove is so sweet. Again, totally nothing in the song is socially redeemable but... I just can't help myself.

Oh, hell, there's two more that always makes me smile no matter how shitty the day has been: Le Freak by Chic in 1978. That driving disco bass under Nile Rogers' incredible guitar riff makes you want to go to Studio 54 one more time and  do a little more dirty dancin' with the one you love.

And who can resist that kicks ass number by Sheryl Crow from 2009: "Steve McQueen?" (I would have added Rod Stewart's "Hot Legs" but that would send me straight to hell with some dear friends.) This DOES have socially valuable content and it flips some of the sexual stereotypes, too. But mostly it just knocks it out of the part as a rock and roll dance song. Oh yes!


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