a winter festival on christ the king sunday...

Forty one brave Berkshire souls made it to worship this morning - and it made my heart sing!
We were missing two of our beloved musicians, but the band sang with beauty and integrity. The snow made us all feel a little child-like - and in these days of sorrow and deep reflection that is not a bad thing - not to evade our calling beyond privilege. But, rather, to simply rejoice in the beauty of God's love.  So we did...

... and as so often happens in these moments, I discarded most of my worship notes and simply asked the gathered faithful:  what the criminals on either side of Jesus in the appointed gospel lesson said to them?  Who are the voices of anger, fear and confusion? Who are the voices of acceptance, humility and tender hope? I asked about the names they used for Jesus and then how they prayed for balance in unsettling times:  why not use your hymnal as a prayer primer?  We played hymnal roulette:  let the book fall open and see what words pop up; what are they saying to you right this moment? It was fun and restorative.
Then we sang Point of Grace's "This Is Your Land" in remembrance of our transgendered friends who have gone home to God this past year.  We broke bread and shared the cup of blessing, too. And returned thanks that we could be community together. 


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