Monday, November 7, 2016

what say you...

It comes as no surprise to people who know me - or check in on this blog from time to time
- that I am a Clinton supporter for US President. I found Bernie too acerbic and arrogant for this moment in time - right on some issues and bull-headed on others - and Trump is a belligerent
demagogue who has tapped into White fears and status loss without a vision for caring for the whole nation. This isn't to say that I believe Secretary Clinton to be without fault. Far from it. But not for the ones she has been tarnished with by the media and Right wing hate-mongers for over 30 years. Rather my deepest concern has to do with the breadth of her advisers. She is the smartest person on the block with a long track record of compassion. 

So what I want to see is depth and breadth in her advisers - people beyond the influence of Terry Mcauliffe and Lawrence Sanders - and much more like Robert Reich. This will be a reach for her. As Mayor Michael R. White said to us on the night his slate of school board candidates won a big election in Cleveland:  "Don't make any new friends." That is, trust those who have been loyal and supportive. It was wise and insightful advice for maintaining focus and getting results. But these are not normal times - and the stakes on the national level need new wisdom and creativity - so I pray she goes beyond the tried and true.

She also needs to make good on her promise to reach out to people in coal country and do her damnedest to revitalize rural Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota. These are places that the new economy - and the American culture of diversity - have left behind. I will be prayerful as the day unfolds - and rapt by the unfolding TV story after choir practice concludes - for so much hangs in the balance.  What say you...?

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