advent II 2016...

Now Advent is ripening in our realm:  it is DARK at 4:30 pm and our first phase of lights are up.
We celebrated an "Advent Pageant" today in worship - intergenerational, non-gender specific - and it was a gas.  The willingness to be playfully engaged is what I cherish about the core of this congregation. And I trust that this will be the spirit that carries us into our new incarnation after the first of the year, too. If clarity and compassion are at stake, this body rises to the occasion like the Lord Jesus. There has been a lot of caring, tenderness and quiet listening taking place among us already - and this, too is an Advent discipline.
I think having the chance to spend sustained time in the company of our grandson has also been an Advent blessing to me:  he evokes in me such a profound love and commitment to protection that I experience just a bit of what God's grace for each and all of us is about.  And then singing with my comrades again in worship has been bread for my soul. Yes, there will be carping about budgets in the New Year. Yes, we have come down with Louie's wicked cold and will slug our way through a week of coughing and sore throats. And yes, the President-Elect is still going to assume the office in late January 2017 and there will be hell to pay. 
Still, there is a light that shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot put it out. 


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