just play it loud...

Tonight I'm gonna play some Beatles and Stones with a friend - and we'll turn it up LOUD! 

Right now its just for fun as we are both rooted and in love with 60s pop and garage band songs. I mean, who doesn't like "Dirty Water," "Hang On Sloopy" or "Jumpin Jack Flash," right? I can't wait to try out "Paperback Writer," a Beatles gem I've always loved but never played in any way, shape or form. What a gas! John Lennon used to call it "Son of "Day Tripper" and that works for me - especially given the killer bass boost they cooked up at Abbey Road Studios in 1966.

For a few years we've wanted to just hang and play our favorite old songs so... here we go. Having fun with music is such a gift: to laugh and feel the good vibes, to do it with a beloved colleague and sometimes to share it with others is a slice of heaven, yes? I truly believe that one of the sweetest things we can do right now - or really at any time - is to bring a smile into another's life through music.

I remember sitting in Washington Square Park in San Francisco's North Beach waiting for the Sun Kings - a Beatles' cover band - to kick off the morning. It was a lazy day and the fog still hung in the air. The park was filled with yuppies and hippies, winos and kids and everybody in-between but nobody was talking or interacting. Maybe we were all hung over or cold and then the band hit the first chord to "A Hard Day's Night" and the joint started rocking. In the matter of seconds, strangers were dancing with new friends, food was being shared with neighbors and laughter rang out in every direction spontaneously where once silence ruled the day. Not every type of music evokes such joy - or community - but you can count on it when the Beatles are involved. 

So, I'm off early this evening to step back into some of the magic and see where it might lead. Have a totally FAB day...


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