sabbath, rest, beauty and quiet...

Today is our Sabbath: for nearly 25 years Dianne and I have mostly claimed Fridays as a time
away from work, phones and all business. There have been times when that was not always possible. But as a rule, it is one of the ways we claim a measure of order in the midst of so much chaos. And a bit of beauty, too I must say for we often taken in films, walks in the woods and un peu de festin aussi! Today we're both feeling run down and weary so life will be very chill:  Lucie needs a romp and we need a few simple groceries and then it is resting, candles and quiet music.

Honoring Sabbath not only gives my mind and body a break from work, it also grounds me in a rhythm that blends activism with contemplation, challenge with comfort, and conflict with beauty. I saw today that a colleague will be hosting an arts and resistance event next Wednesday in Williamstown:  Reviving Our Hearts for Justice. The church describes it like this:

Now is the time to revive our hearts for resistance and action. Through song, poetry, dance, speakers, this special evening will inspire our hearts for the urgent work of justice and peace that is so threatened in our nation. Think of it as a community gathering to galvanize moral dissent to the injustice unleashed against so many people, particularly refugees, immigrants, and people of color. Community and student organizations are invited to table before and during the event. ( for more information check it out @

There will, of course, be speakers but also choirs, dancers, jazz, gospel and some surprises, too. This is something faith communities must support - this event, for sure - but parallel ones, too so that we keep nurturing the soul for the long haul. I am working on a "Songs of Solidarity" gig that I hope we can pull off in early March that will bring interfaith musicians together along with group singing. Americans have lost the art of singing together - there's not much time or interest to practice it these days outside of worship - and most people don't worship. But so much is gained when we learn to listen to one another in song, support one another with our small contribution and experience the resounding power of a group making music with their bodies. 


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