songs of solidarity and resistance...

Today was the start (and merely that) of my semi-retirement. Mostly my day was given to wrapping up a few church concerns. But after celebrating midday Eucharist - which we're moving to Tuesdays next week - I got time to take a nap and browse a bookstore before buying Mexican supplies for tonight's dinner.

The book that captured my interest resonates with my desire to understand this moment in time: an in-depth exploration of what led to the rise of Nazi Germany. As I've noted before, there is not a one-to-one correspondence between der Fuhrer and the Trump Regime, but there is an ugly, racist, authoritarian pseudo-populism at work in both camps - and constituencies - that I need to better understand. As part of my entree into semi-retirement, I took the time to listen to some of the best songs of protest that are shakin' it up right now. They include:

The most biting and harsh is Fiona Apple's "Tiny Hands." To a pounding dance groove she makes her point:  We don't want your tiny hands anywhere near our underpants. And let me say for the record that I am SO down with this!

Three others strike me as important, too:  The first is "Hallelujah, Money" by Gorillaz. I haven't given this group much time of late but this song cuts to the chase. It has been described as an apocalyptic mashup and is the first release from the band in six years. Dig it.

The combination of Canada's Arcade Fire with soul sister extraordinaire, Mavis Staples, creates an anthem for this era about the importance of solidarity as we rock steady in resistance. This is old school meets hipster for the sake of hope:  I give you power but I gotta be free - I give you power but I can take it away!

And how about Coco Rosie's "Smoke 'Em Out" with its house party groove with the proclamation that the "future is female!" Two weeks ago, the streets of the world made this clear as women - and their allies - took to the streets.

Honorable mention goes to my old Fairfield County homie: Moby and his ironic "Trump Is on Your Side." As more of the POTUS's crew experiences buyer's remorse this may become our national anthem. These are hard times, for sure, so let's hang tough.


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