at the close of the day...

My day began here and comes to a close here, too: looking at the emerging garden. Worship was simple and full for me, tender-hearted and casual even as we talked about practicing living as God's beloved. There were old friends and new in the Sanctuary, the morning felt grounded in grace. Then, people went their separate ways to help one another. Some cleaned and prayed over a friend's home. Others visited folks who have long been alone. I had the chance to bring Eucharist to dear friends beginning yet another round in the journey of healing. This short quote from Jean Vanier brings it all together for me:

Little did I know that I was on the road to an amazing discovery, a gold mine of truth, where the weak and the strong, the rich and the poor would be brought together in community and find peace, where those who were rejected could heal and transform those who rejected them.

This next week will be full:  children and grandchildren arrive, pastoral visits abound, songs will be sung in support of justice and I will be a part of an interfaith conversation about peace-making and unity. Before the new work begins, I want to return thanks for this day.


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