And so it continues...

As the controversy and angst continues in the wake of Brother Obama's campaign and the Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright's comments (see the media furor over Jeremiah's comments over this weekend at the NAACP and National Press Corps) I thought back to the origin of this blog: BB King and U2's song, "When Love Comes to Town." This song was written for a Black man by 4 White Irish boys from Dublin - but it is grounded in respect and tenderness - and when both artists perform it separately, it sounds very different. But when they do it TOGETHER... man, it is a blessing! It made me think of what Dr. King said about speaking out - and living out - for the truth.

It also hit me that nothing communicates like seeing the difference in these songs:

Check it out: Black and White together:

White Boys Alone:

B.B. King on his own:

To be sure, each version has a charsim of its own.. but for my money it works best when U2 and B.B. King do it TOGETHER.

No wonder the scripture tell us that in Christ we are neither male nor female, Jew nor Gentile, slave nor free... and dare I add Gay nor Straight, Black nor White, Male or Female, Republican nor Democrat... we are children of God. So, let the pundits piss and moan - let them try to pull us apart - just know this moment calls us to STAND TOGETHER. So whether the media - or even the candidates - get it: we shall overcome! From the time I was a small child until today I have always found solace, hope and succor in this song... it is my prayer for this moment in time.

So take a long, loving listen to this blast from the past and then get ready for the long walk - because now that we have opened the door on talking about the REAL differences between the dominant culture and the forgotten American people of color... it is going to be a hell of a ride and we need to stand together!


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