Thinking about IKON and Iron and Wine...

The Ikon Community of Belfast, Northern Ireland writes: "Inhabiting a space on the outer edges of religious life, we are a Belfast-based collective who offer anarchic experiments in transformance art. Challenging the distinction between theist and atheist, faith and no faith our main gathering employs a cocktail of live music, visual imagery, soundscapes, theatre, ritual and reflection in an attempt to open up the possibility of a theodramatic event."

I like this bunch - I am very Orthodox in a radical, boldly inclusive way - but they help me find ways to grow beyond my progressive blinders to an ever-more inclusive community. For example, they have pulled together a group of transformance artists who will journey to your faith community to help you explore things like gratitude or brokenness - the sins of the father or Christ's cry of alienation from the Cross - to say nothing of the wisdom of Judas or what it means to be queer or serving the God of delusion.
Makes me think of this song by Iron and Wine, "Boy with a Coin," which is provactive and insightful and sensual and spiritual all at the same time.


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