Monday, September 29, 2008

Two very different gifts

As many of you know by now, I believe that there are two very important gifts that artists can share with a hurting world: beauty and truth. They come in many forms but both are essential for they can "heal the world."

Often the blessing of beauty comes my way through music - and I just received this totally awesome film clip of a colleague and friend sharing music - she works with students of all types including those who are seriously challenged. (Due to funding realities/worries I have had to take down the original posting with one of her students which was too kewel for school; perhaps we can resurrect it but until then... dig this sweet clip.)

Jessica joined our band, Between the Banks, a few weeks ago for a time of music as embodied prayer and man, does she get it! I am so blessed to have played with her - and she will be joining us again on October 26th at 3 pm when we lead worship for the Berkshire Association of the United Church of Christ. (And I think she's going to join the party on Thanksgiving Eve, too, when local musicians and poets get together for a time of song, prayer and deep gratitude!)

Another clip I just saw left me speechless once again and in awe of what artists are able to to do with enough time and the right encouragement (and money!) It comes from a great movie that I continue to love and appreciate: "Across the Universe." My "faith and film" crew watched it together. This reworking of the Beatles' "Let It Be" - set in the context of the Detroit riots of 1965 and the escalating war in Vietnam - is another genre bender that brings out the gospel truths of this song better than anything I have seen in a long, long time.

All I can say is Thank God... thank God... thank God.

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