Enter the city...

I made it safe and sound to the wild and ever fascinating New York City. It is warm and almost sunny here today - and as vibrant as ever. What made this day especially blessed is my cab ride with a man who, let's say, did not have a deep command of my native tongue but sure as Hell knew how to drive at break neck speeds, scare the CRAP out of pedestrians and get me from Grand Central Station to TriBeca in under 20 minutes!

I wanted to kiss the earth after exiting his cab but... I simply crossed myself quietly (after he drove off) and rejoiced in all that was good (and reasonably safe.) Tonight, the opening of the IAM Conference, will be heady with Nicholas Wolterstorff and jazz pianists on the program. Tomorrow, in the "encounters" I'll spend time with other worship leaders learning how they bring the fullness of God's creative arts into their worship celebrations and have a conversation with a gallery owner about trends in 21st century aesthetics. Then, I hope, Indian food with the kids before heading back for poet Billy Collins and Makoto Fujimura.

The only down side to this experience is that Di decided that we needed the cash more than she needed this time away - so she is back in Pittsfield. Well, it is almost conference time so... until the next break. Blessings.


Di said…
I wish we had the cash for me to be there with you.
Mako Fujimura said…

Thank you so much for joining us. Blessings,


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