It is not totally crazy...

When I was a stay-at-home dad back in San Francisco with a very small child, my next door neighbor - a gay man - told me about new mommas with cabin fever. He said, "It is not totally crazy to feel overwhelmed when the only person you get to talk to is nonverbal, man!" It was a revelation for this young dad to realize that not only were my feelings natural, but that it was up to me to find a balance between caring for my sweet child AND having a life beyond my child.

Same seems to be true with cabin fever and/or winter blues in the Berkshires. More and more people are telling me that February is the WORST month: everyone is tired of the cold and snow, nobody likes having to still wear 3 layers of clothes and the only alternative to being totally wigged out is exercise and getting out to share live music with friends. Thank God for the friends who took us out tonight. It was JUST what the doctor ordered - literally - as we were out with a doctor friend and his wife.

Funny how long it takes me to learn some basic truths. Long time Berkshire-folk have said you have to find a way to make winter-sports part of your life or else... Well, I've discovered the or else part and it is not pretty. So onward towards discovery of being outside in the cold! And LOTS more live music, too!


Black Pete said…
I think it's more a matter of relearning--after all, we have several months of nicer weather afterward to forget SAD and cabin fever.

BTW, Canada's Nancy White recorded an album several years ago called Momnipotent, which addresses, among many other things, new moms' cabin fever and nonverbal companionship. It is hilarious--and true. Her song I'm Babbling sums it up beautifully.
RJ said…
Thanks, my man. I will check it out. It is taking this old dog longer to learn new tricks that I would like but that, too, is a part of my learning. Blessings.

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