three great resources...

Ok so I am a music geek: confession is good for the soul, yes? There are three wonderful music resources that I can't get enough of and thought you might enjoy them, too.

+ First, Lastfm at: - totally wonderful collection of music that allows you to play everything under the sun AND build your own computer library.

+ Second, All Music at: - another smokin' site with in-depth articles on all types of music plus samples and great selections, too.

+ And third, All Songs Considered at:

All are well worth your time and also totally FREE!


Sharon said…
As a fellow music addict, I thank you very much for the resources. I have a subscription to Rhapsody, which I must get rid of (I've been saying this) because it's too much money. Maybe between your resources, You Tube, and Pandora I will survive. Also, thank you for your "Wounds" series, which I have been mining for gold. There's so much! My only plea is that someday you will get rid of the blue background so that your, ahem, older readers can handle it better. But even if you don't, I'll stick with you, kid.
RJ said…
Thanks for the good words. And I will try to remember to keep the print much lighter so that we can all read it, ok?

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