Friday, August 28, 2009


Out of nowhere the skies opened and the rain came down... and after nearly two hours of down pour we called it quits: JT will have to go on tonight without us. Our friends from church decided to meet back for food and wine, but Di is beat and fighting a cold so we headed home. This, too, is all good. The poet, Mary Oliver, writes:

I want to be
in partnership
with the universe

like the tiger lily
poking up
its gorgeous head

among the so-called
useless weeds
in the uncultivated fields

that still abide.
But it's okay
if, after all,

I'm not a lily,
but only grass
in a clutch of curly grass

waving in the wind,
staring sunward: one of those
sweet, abrasive blades.

We are well, alive and filled with love - so I am grateful - even if we miss the great Berkshire hero. All day long I've been singing this... and it is still so true.

photo credit: marguerite


Bay32196 said...
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SGF said...

Bummer about the rain and the concert....but just light some candles, drink some wine and crank some JT on the stereo!! Thinking of you!!!

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