Can you say syncronicity...?

Early last week I met with a wise spiritual advisor who shared some suggestions with me about ways to get my writing published. One had to do with exploring why it is that the Dionysian impulse in rock and roll annihilates some while others are able to crawl back from the pit? As I have noted this is a fascinating theme that I will be working on over the next few months.

What makes me smile - and then sit up and pay attention - is that the Sunday NY Times ran a huge story about a new production of "The Bacchae" to be offered in NYC this summer using the music of Philip Glass. Great article - hot combination of theatre and music - better keep my eyes and ears open. (

Then we were walking down Rue St. Catherine to dinner last night and stopped at a used book store. And what do you think was the first book to jump into my hands - in English - but "The Bacchae and other plays" by Euripides? Ok, ok... I am REALLY starting to pay attention now.

More after some aimless wandering and exploring Montreal...
(credit: moonspiral. "ariade and dionysus" @ )


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