Shower the people...

This summer began with the tragic death of Michael Jackson - a broken and brilliant wounded genius - and it comes to a close with the death of another giant: Senator Edward Kennedy. Oh my Lord... Teddy was a man searching for redemption and bringing healing in the wake of the tragedies he created. And think of the healing he brought from the People with Disabilities Act and Meals on Wheels to health care for the poorest children, Civil Rights legislation and a haven for refugees and souls aching for comfort.

I watched ALL of the tributes last night - and wept through his funeral mass, too - remembering both his brothers, John and Bobby, while celebrating his own legacy. President Obama was spot on - Yo Yo Ma wept while playing Bach - and the whole nation paused to give thanks and pay respect to the "Lion of the Senate."

It is a unique privilege to be in Massachusetts during this farewell - a place beloved by the Senator and truly replicated by the people of the Commonwealth - when Kennedy was first diagnosed with brain cancer EVERY local town and municipality had a place for citizens and children to come and write their concern and prayers.

Maybe that's why all weekend I've been singing James Taylor's "Shower the People." It may find a way into worship tomorrow, too. For a long time - when I was younger and thought I was more hip - I though this was kinda cheesy and sappy. It may still be that but... my heart LOVES this song now because the wisdom is so true: shower the people you love with love and show them the way you feel. Life is too damn short and unpredictable to do anything less.


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