So sweet...

We had a so sweet weekend in Boston that was centered in seeing the Eels in a small venue. What knocked me about about the show was:

+ Mr. E knows his people: Geeks and nerds and other freaks with a pain-filled soul who are also searching for joy - and sometimes finding it - filled the Royale Theatre. And it felt like a home-coming and a safe place for celebrating, too.

+ Mr. E knows rock and roll: three different times he covered some ICONIC (and I almost never use that term) 60s masterpieces within the context of his own tunes. They included "She Said Yeah" from the Rolling Stone's "December's Children," John Sebastian's "Summer in the City" and Billy Stewart's 1966 version of "Summertime." In-freakin'-credible. In a way, it was like a millennial version of Frank Zappa - another musical genius with a huge heart - who played with rock and roll and art in ways the unlocked hope for my generation of freaks. It was a delight to behold.

+ Mr. E has a great sense of humor: not only can he sing about the woes of the world with pathos - as is his greatest gift - but he can throw in a chorus that puts it all into perspective: God damn right its a beautiful day. (And this show he set his song to a Beatles-like "Twist and Shout" background; other times it has been "Louie, Louie.")

+ Mr. E has a big heart: he knows the world is broken - he knows his heart (and sometimes his mind) is broken, too. But that doesn't mean you quit - or complain - you keep searching for the blessing and light amidst it all. What's more, when you share your broken heart, it helps heal the brokenness of other broken hearts in ways that can't be explained - just experienced.

My sweetheart LOVES Mr. E's music. It was a transcendent time for her - and for this I give thanks - and I was knocked on my ass a few times myself. And I give thanks to God for this, too. With songs exploring pop-hooks, the summer of love and how love can overcome pain, at one point Mr. E shouted, "Yeah I know it just turned fall... but fuck it: its always summer in my heart." Can I get a witness?!


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