Thursday, July 14, 2011

Church as the rhythm of life...

This is pretty cool.  It comes from Steve Collins @  It also jives with the conversation we had last night at Church Council - a full 60 minute serious conversation - about the practice and theology of church renewal. It was a beautiful experience. This little charts speaks to one of the ways we are shifting towards a new/old spirituality. Here the heart of the local church might be broken down into two types:

#1: church as weekly service:
+ focus on events
+ seven-day cycle
+ regular, predictable—suits business and industry
+ emphasis on knowledge and self-improvement
+ tries to fit irregular events and seasons into 7-day grid (nearest Sunday to…)
+ historical seasons and festivals become sermon subjects

#2 church as rhythm of life:
+ a focus on community
+ annual cycle
+ irregular, seasonal—reflecting history and nature
+ emphasis on life as a journey through spiritual seasons
+ special days and seasons overrule the 7-day grid
+ seasons and festivals given different forms of expression (pilgrimages, parties, vigils, discussions, etc.)

As one of my friends said when I shared this with him: “#1 is boring - I think so, too. 

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