A beautiful day...

As is so often the case after a storm, today is a stunningly BEAUTIFUL day:  blue skies, no humidity, lots of sun and a cool breeze. This is one of those "emotional roller coaster" days as my buddy Ray Swartzback used to say:  it began with a rescheduled baptism for a three month old boy and will include a visit with a dear older saint whose brother of 8 decades died over the weekend.  Life and death - and maybe a pastoral visit to the home of a young Asian family before tonight's Christian Education planning meeting, too.

Over the weekend, amidst the storms, the person I thought we had hired for our Sunday School sent me an email informing me that her life had become too complicated to add this position to the mix.  Shame as I had just sent out "thanks, but no thanks" letters to some other great folk. Then the hurricane arrived - it was less intense but still destructive - followed by today's baptism and talk of funerals. And in yet another fascinating gift, over the weekend my dear old mentor's daughter sent me a note that she was close by and had hoped to join us in worship (but the storm brought that to a close.)  As Ray used to say:  "Man-eee day!"

I have felt him close this weekend and give thanks to the blessings he continues to share with me 30 years later. He taught me about riding the emotional roller coaster of ministry in the local church in ways that were practical and spirit-filled.  He also taught me about self-care - and as we get ready for some away time in Canada I am grateful in spades!


Black Pete said…
May the waters be calmer, soon.
RJ said…
Thanks, my man.

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