It has been a long time coming..

Last week at band practice (for our TGE gig on November 23rd), after playing "Our House," about half the band was washed over by a palpable wave of nostalgia, joy and beauty.  And the next thing you know we were playing "Helplessly Hoping" and "Long Time Gone" as the presence of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young emerged from within the collective unconscious. (That's just what happens when you get a bunch of old hippies together, yes?)

Speak out... against the madness - damn - it still rings so righteous.  Well, anyway, as I've been reflecting on the joy and sacred presence in all of this over the past week, it suddenly hit me:  if you love these people so much "HOW COME YOU DON'T HAVE LINKS TO THEIR MUSIC ON YOUR BLOG!??!"  Hmmmm... I am a very slow learner and once again realize it HAS been too long a time comin', yes?

So, in the spirit of love and affection (and making amends to my brothers and sisters) I have added the following links under a special heading at the side of this blog:

+ check out the music of Hal Lefferts (and buy some of it, too)

+ listen to the beauty the Linda Worster lays down (she has just finished a new CD)

+ dig the creativity and spirit of my man Bert Marshall (he's got a CD for sale, too)

And while you're at it, take a listen to Anne Heaton, Lake Street Dive and Joy Kills Sorrow - three of my favorite indie artist/groups - as they are true genre benders in the best way.  I think you'll be groovin (whether you are an old hippie or not!)


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