Special and unexpected blessings...

There is a big, soft spot in my heart for the children of our church - and tonight I got the chance to nourish it.  One of the daughters of our one of our singers was with her momma for our weekly practice.  Her mother is a creative, faithful, brilliant and tender soul who brings so much depth and verve to our band.  And our church!  She was with us for a short time - went away - and now has been back for almost a year.  She sings like an angel, she is fun, sassy, spirit-filled and oh so inventive.  She regularly brings us unexpected blessings wherever she goes..

... and tonight one of those blessing was her youngest daughter.  A total pistol who is equally creative, sassy, funny and brilliant.  We were working on two songs for the next few weeks and I knew my little buddy would be bored to death if we did practice in our usual "adult" fashion.  So we got her up behind the congas, I gave her periodic cues and she beat the drums like nobody's business until I gave her the cut off sign.  She watched me like a hawk. She played with abandon.  And she was a total delight.  Not only did it bring back sweet memories of my own daughters in the varous churches we've served, but it also helped me pay attention to the fun of the music from the perspective of a child.

What's more,  tonight I got a chance to reconnect with some other once children/now grown women who used to be wee ones back in my first church in Michigan. I love how the sometimes blessings of FB can reconnect old friends in new ways. 

Tonight I give thanks to God for special and unexpected blessings like both momma and daughter and tonight was pure grace.


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