Two very different brothers say good-bye...

So brother Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees gave up the ghost at 63.  I have to admit that the Bee Gees were one of my guilty pleasures:  they could groove and rock the dance floor like no body's business.  Sure, like Rolling Stone wrote in the early days of their disco songs, they sounded like porpoises singing in close part harmony with a drum machine.... but come on.  Who doesn't dig Travolta struttin' down the street to "Stayin' Alive?"

Back in the day I can remember when it was sooooo un-cool to like this stuff - and I just couldn't help myself.

Another brother who left this realm was Doug Dillard  - taught and mentored by Earl Scruggs - this cat made bluegrass rock.  He was a key influence on the Byrds when they went "country" and paved the way for the Eagles and so much of what is called "contemporary country." (check it out @,0,663551.story)

Thank God for the variety of music that is alive and well all over the planet.  These two brothers from different mothers brought a whole lotta joy to those who loved them - and I am in awe of their beauty.


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