Thursday, March 21, 2013

Diorientation matures...

Some great local publicity for our Good Friday DISORIENTATION meditation on song, scripture, silence and solidarity.  Check it out @

Let me say a word about my band mates ~ women and men who are members of the congregation who have made a commitment to create beautiful and non-traditional music for church ~ they are incredible!  One of the signs of God's presence in my life are my bandmates:  Carlton, Dianne, Eva, Jon, David, Brian and Sue.  Every week, come rain or come shine, we gather to practice, explore, rock, critique, pray and care for one another in pursuit of beauty, goodness and truth.  Often, when I am low, I see the face of Jesus in my mates.  And they are there when they feel like shit, when work is overwhelming, when family pressures are exhausting:  they are there.  Like the song says:  Won't you let me be your servant, let me be as Christ to you?

Tonight, just 10 days before our gig, we gathered after a surprise snow storm cancelled out Tuesday practice.  And in 90 minutes we NAILED five complicated songs with grace, fun and beauty.  OMG did this renew my spirit in ways I cannot explain.  So let me simply say that sometimes in life we are blessed to work with people who not only bring out our best, but show us the face of the Lord, too.  And my band mates do that for me over and over.

Thanks be to God.  If you can join us on Good Friday @ 7 pm, please do:  it will be a time of challenge and compassion saturated in beauty and grace.

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