Sunday, March 24, 2013

Returning thanks for the body of Christ...

Today I had the privilege of confirming six young people into the Body of Christ:  it was our Protestant bar/bat mitzvah as we welcomed them in as sons and daughters of the community.  We also shared an adaptation of Walter Wangerin's powerful and interactive retelling of the Passion.  And closed with Holy Communion.

Afterwards, I stopped by a number of homes for post-confirmation parties - shared lots of fun conversation with a variety of guests and family members - and even hoisted a few in the name of the Lord, too.  Two thoughts touch my heart as this day closes:

+ First, when a community is small enough - and the connections between adults and youth are healthy, safe and creative - being a part of one an other's growth in trust and spirit is a life-changing blessing for everyone.  The words spoken by this year's confirmation mentors were tender and true:  each of us was blessed by choosing to help the other - young and old - active participant as well as passive congregation.  As one mentor said, "I had lunch earlier this week with MY confirmation mentor and it hit me:  this can be for LIFE!"  What a gift in these all too fast-paced and disposable times.

+ Second, taking the time to chill with the family members after worship takes our relationships to a deeper level.  Not only can we laugh and let our hair down, but we can ask questions and go to a more profound level than public worship allows.  Don't get me wrong, I am ALL for being connected in community through worship.  And I find that unless those connections are nourished by intimate sharing beyond Sunday mornings, they can become flat or stale or incomplete.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself in each of the homes I visited today and felt Christ's love between us ripen.

Tomorrow will be more intense preparation for Holy Week worship plus some hospital visits.  Thanks be to God for a sweet and spiritually satisfying Sabbath.

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