Saturday, June 15, 2013

10 Worst Love Songs...

So this is what happens when I get 2 hours sleep and then have to go pick up Dianne at 5:45 am on a Saturday morning:  my mind starts to melt!  After bringing her back from an "inconclusive" night at the sleep clinic - and an early morning breakfast at our favorite local diner (where I entertained her sleep deprived brain by "interpreting" the deeper meaning behind the weekly church listings my colleagues post in our local paper) - I found myself starting to sing the world's WORST love songs. 

That's when it hit me:  "What a great idea for Thanksgiving Eve, yeah?  A short but very intense medley of some of these stinkers..."  You might have your own and I would love to include them.

+ Paul Anka:  Having My Baby

+ Rupert Holmes: Pina Colada

+ Sammy Johns:  Chevy Van

+ Air Supply:  The One You Love

+ Bobby Goldsboro:  Honey

+ Four Seasons:  Working My Way Back to You Babe

+ Minnie Ripperton:  Lovin' You

+ Starland Vocal Band:  Afternoon Delight

+ The Byrds:  Chestnut Mare

+ JaneBirkin et Serge Gainsbourg:  Je T'aime

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