Sunday, June 2, 2013

A rock and soul sunday...

Let's just say... we were blessed today:  the concert drew about 100 people and we raised over $1K for the Berkshire Environmental Action Team.  My mates in Between the Banks played their hearts out - maybe the best ever - and our friends in music making - Jon, Andy, Linda, Liz, Omar, Rebecca and Miche - put on a soulful show.
Two things strike me at the end of a totally exhausting weekend:  when this band of sisters and brothers gathers to make music, there is a little bit of heaven present - and everybody feels it.  We have all been blessed to work with such truly inspirational and talented friends in a way that is unique.  Not only does each individual musician bring their best to the stage and open themselves to the Spirit, but they are willing to be led so that the group grooves together.  This is not always the case, right?  But we had seasoned veterans and young middle schoolers rocking the house plus the core of my church band, Between the Banks, creating a rock solid center for the whole gig.

It did my heart good to know that we made connections with a whole crowd of new friends beyond the confines of church.  My prayer is that this shows the wider community a picture of Christians living beyond the stupid and/or cruel antics that so often fill the media.  It also gives us a chance to build new alliances with people who care for Mother Earth - and love rock and soul. Thanks be to God to Rebecca Leigh, Linda Worster, Omar Enriquez, Liz Goodman, Jon Haddad, Andy Kelly and Miche Fambro for joining the usual suspects:  Dianne De Mott, Eva Perri, Jon Grenoble, Brian Staubach, Sue Noyes, Dave McDermott and Carlton Maaia II.

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