Putting on a montreal groove...

I've got my Montreal-groove on today and can't stop listening to early Joni Mitchell cds.  We're off to the Montreal Jazz Festival soon - a place of refuge and renewal that feels like my second home - as I've shared countless times before, yes?  In addition to the free gigs - and surprises - we'll take in both Ravi Coltrane and Joshua Redman over the weekend.  And while the weather looks iffy during the first part of our trip, we are certain to find news ways of hanging indoors more than usual. 

Last night, for example, I found a link for the 11 Best Things to Do in Montreal on a Rainy Day: one even suggested sampling different types of Poutine (curried poutine, nordic meatball poutine, etc.)  I am eager to hit some of the art museums as well as Marche Jean Talon, a farmers' market just around the corner from our flat.  Last year it was a great place to practice ordering crepes from the sweet young people who make it all happen.  And the pay-off came in the form of crêpes fraîches avec fromage et champignons !

So, I'm packed already and need to put together our Montréal boîte tournée de livres, de cartes et de billets de concert.  We will likely be posting pictures and updates as we wander and explore.


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