Sunday, June 2, 2013

Today's the big music day for us:  our Beats 4 BEAT benefit at 3 pm.  Last night's "house concert" with Miche was stunning and lots of fun.  And now, after worship, we'll go into high-practice-mode to work out a few last minute changes.  It will be a fun gig with tons of diversity - everything from Monk to CSNY - with a little Beatles, Guster, Coldplay and Chuck Berry mixed in for good measure.
One of the highlights will be Linda Worster - her songs are like gentle musical prayers - so I hope she'll be down with doing a few more beyond her appointed numbers.  Rebecca Leigh is another stunning performer and she'll be working the vein mined by both Whitney Huston and Aretha Franklyn.  Then ALL of my band mates - I am so blessed to work with such committed, compassionate and crazy people - they never cease to amaze me with the way they bring sons to life.
Like David Crosby sang at Woodstock:  It's been a long, time coming... so come on up to the house if you can for some sweet soul music.  More news on the flip side.

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