Winding down and turning off...

One of the hardest things for me to do is NOT check my church email when I am on vacation.  I don't know if other clergy have this problem, but DAMN it is hard.  I am such an addict!  That's why I've created two distinct address - and only one is for family and friends beyond work.

So, as hard as it is, I won't be opening that one for 14 days.  I once mentioned to a woman that I didn't listen to my phone messages on Fridays (when we were back in Cleveland) because I was trying to learn to honor the Sabbath.  And she copped such an attitude:  that is SO irresponsible for a minister - what if I should NEED you?  So I asked, what need might you have that couldn't wait 24 hours?  She couldn't come up with a good one but snorted:  I have NEVER heard of such a selfish thing.
I guess... but practicing self-care in ministry requires some boundaries - and learning to honor the Sabbath is a lost discipline I keep struggling to reclaim. It's like the old joke about the man who complained that he wasn't able to reach his pastor by phone one day; when the clergy replied that it was her day off, the man snarled:  well, the Devil never takes a day off.  To which the wise pastor smiled and said:  true enough and if I don't take a day off I would be just like him.

We arrived a few hours ago in Montreal - one of my favorite places in all creation - and in a short time we'll stroll the "hood" and then dine at Allep (one of the BEST Syrian eateries ever!)  Then, God willing, we'll all sleep late before heading over to Marche Jean Talon for crepes in the morning, museums and exploring in the afternoon and Ravi Coltrane at night. Laissez les bons moments de ces vacances commencent!    


Peter said…
Have a wonderful time away, good friend.
RJ said…
I am hoping and praying you are both well, too. Blessings, my man.

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