Thursday, August 1, 2013

I LOVE our church secretary and sexton, too...

Yesterday I surprised myself - and a few others, too - when I posted my deep appreciation and gratitude for the Director of Music at our church.  I hadn't planned to be so directly personal - more a reflection on the evolving nature of liturgy - but when the words took on a life of their own, I chose to follow their lead.

So let me go on record today by celebrating two of my other colleagues in ministry: Becky Jankowski and David Grusendorf.  They are both dedicated and committed servants - and I couldn't do ministry without them.  Each in their own sphere bring wisdom, humor and expertise beyond the limits of their job description.  They really care - about the community, about living as Christ's disciples and about helping me be effective.  And while they are vastly different in temperament, they bring gifts that have helped us become a more open and compassionate congregation.

Once upon a time, the Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright told a group of Michiganders at a pastor's conference that the FIRST person you need to hire in order to create a lively and creative church is a music person.  I have always followed his advice on this point.  But right after your church musician you better find folk who will work to your blind spots - and for me that has meant having someone who knows how to care for buildings and a secretary who can help me keep track of the administrative side of things. Knowing I can count on both of these people for hard work and honest information has been a life-saver.  Because no one clergy person can do everything well, right? The key is to know how to hire to your blind spot so that as a team most concerns are covered.

I give thanks everyday for Becky and David - they are blessings that I do not take for granted. 

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