rising hopes, prayer, community and bread...

I am thinking about a contemplative small group for the post-Easter season:  baking (and eating) bread.  Two of my favorite books are A Spirituality of Bread by Donna Sinclair and One Loaf by Joy Mead.

God of small beginnings
and rising hopes,
may we see eternity
in each wheat grain:
ours for today’s bread
and tomorrow’s planting;
food of life; gift to the future
and seed of hope.
I never have time for bread baking during Advent/Christmas but would love to do a small group using bread as both a prayer and nourishment. Now such thoughts have been swimming around my head for a few years. So when I came back from tonight's annual ministry review and evaluation - and came across these words from Jan Richardson - I said to myself:  GOTTA MAKE THIS REAL!

Just this
(for now)
that the loaves
in your contemplative
offered as gift
in my
needed waiting,
oh my
of grace rising,
manna delighting.

Gertud Mueller-Nelson speaks of Advent as the school of learning the feminine virtues - and kneeding and rising and baking are part of this school's spirituality.  More and more I know she is right.


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