Lose yourself to dance on good friday...

Not everybody thinks like a song - ok I get that.  There are engineers and mathematicians; there are systematic theologians and cynical politicians, too. But my mind and my prayers are saturated in song so that is where I go when I am striving to know what is happening within and beyond me.  All day long I have been hearing Daft Punk's "Lose Yourself to Dance" just below the surface of everything that's been happening. It is prophetic and accessible at the same time - it has a killer groove that is infectious - and so totally badass that I can't get enough.
As I went from our Eucharist to writing liturgies - then church and ministry committee meetings to a financial stability dinner for our church's future partnership - I kept hearing these lyrics:

I know you don't get a chance to take a break this often
I know your life is speeding and it isn't stopping
Here take my shirt and just go ahead and wipe up all the sweat...
Lose yourself to dance.

And let's not forget that KILLER bass groove and the synth that moves up from the bottom to the top as the chorus matures! I think this is the song we need to play as people gather for Good Friday when we explore what it means for God, Jesus, Spirit and ALL of us to wrestle with being misunderstood. Just listen to the complexity that compliments each of the parts as this dance track ripens.  Pure genius with a super-sized dose of fun!  (And dig Nile Rogers shakin' it up in the video, too!)


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