God gives me what I need just when I need it...

I was blessed over and over today: worship was all about giving thanks to God for grace when we get stuck! We played jazz, taught the congregation
some Israeli folk dances and then DANCED our prayers to the Lord. And the choir sang like angels to a HOT setting of Holy Manna. And as I was debriefing the whole thing with my music man - and wondering if I had wandered off and got lost in the ozone - a young woman I value very much came up and embraced me saying: I just want you to know how grateful I am for this morning's message. I couldn't keep from crying because it was JUST what I needed.

Later in the evening, after a boring but necessary regional church meeting, I got to hoist a few brews with a beloved colleague. He is a total blessing to me, too - a bright, creative and insightful young voice in the church - and I pray that we have the chance to do some work together in the year to come. We laughed and bitched, encouraged one another and affirmed the calling to be real, creative and deep in one another's setting.

It was an unexpected gas today - and I am knocked on my ass with how God gives me just what I need just when I need it. We're starting to plan for our summer rock and soul benefit - with LOTS of local Berkshire artists - and I can't but think that THIS is at the heart of it all - what say ye all?


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