I saw Satan falling down like lightning...

Tonight a man of faith - a financial developer - preached the good news to me in the most unexpected way. Bottom line, he testified, are these truths: 1) there is an answer to our questions and problems; 2) we don't yet know where we will find the answers, but that will be revealed; 3) and when we are blessed by an answer, not only will we know it clearly, but it will bring us blessing we could never imagine all by ourselves. This was articulated as part of a counter-intuitive plan we are working on re: preserving our historical building in a time of modest church growth. Two key biblical truths kept being revealed over and over:

+  First, if we GET OUT THERE (into the community) rather than become get trapped in the paralysis of analysis, God will open our eyes and hearts to the bounty that we need but have no idea where to look for it right now. Indeed, there is an answer to all our problems if we remain open to unexpected solutions.  I think of Jesus sending out the disciples two by two and then celebrating their debriefing:  we saw Satan falling down like lighting from heaven (Luke 10:18)

+ Second, as we go forward, we must listen carefully and never prejudge what God wants to share with us. That is, if we think we know the answers to our quest before we go out and check in with people, we will shut our eyes and ears to the bigger blessings of grace. If, however, we are open to the abundance God wants to share with us, we will discover blessings in the most unlikely places. There will be sweet honey in the rocks and manna in the desert. What's more, when there is no response, all we are to do is "shake the dust off our sandals and move on." Trust, not knowledge, is how this all works.

So once again, I find that those on the front lines of small businesses are often way more faithful than those of us inside the institutional church. As we debriefed, we all marveled at the blessings this young entrepreneur is bringing to us. What a trip - and what a blessing. Thank you, Holy Spirit!


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