Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sabbatical ramblings continue...

As we start to plan the concrete details of our up-coming sabbatical in Montreal (May - August 2015) it has been fun looking at potential homes and neighborhoods. Later this month, in fact, we'll take another trip into North Country to check out options and book a place for the residency portion of the sabbatical. And in addition to the sense of adventure in all of this, we've been pleasantly surprised to see how many places could accommodate us with our dear and special four-legged family member: Lucie.

At first I thought we would make arrangements for Lucie to be with dear friends in the US while we were away. But the more research Di did, the more options we discovered. And what a treat that would be: cher Montréal et notre chien précieux Lucie! So, during the last week of August we'll go check things out and see what happens.

We are discovering that the Plateau district - in addition to Little Italy - really strikes a chord in us. It is boho Francophone to the max - with a few gorgeous parks scattered throughout - giving it a vibe that feels right for our three month residency. Earlier this summer, after an incredible Ethiopian meal with the Brooklyn contingent, we strolled through the Plateau and were buzzed by the whole scene. What's more, dear Lucie would fit right in. We are looking for a place that will give me a practice/prayer room for working on the upright bass as well as writing. It will also serve as a guest room for a few folk (not the whole congregation!) as well as family members who will take time to experience the groove.

As this week unfolds, other sabbatical plans will start to take shape: appointments with jazz liturgy folk in NYC, Nashville and Ann Arbor - finding lodging for our transition week after Montreal - and working on the programming for the congregation during my absence. This is a sacred and playful time - and I am full to overflowing with gratitude. 

NOTE: This just in: when we head North to check out lodging, we'll do a little detour into the Eastern Townships to stop by a book signing by Louise Penny. She is the author of one of our favorite series: Inspector Gamache! And we'll spend the night in the Auberge Knowlton ( after chilling at Brome Lake Books ( What a gas.

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