Thursday, August 28, 2014

Shifting gears...

Having just returned from a short trip to Montreal, wherein I had no access to the Internet, I am starting to rethink the time I spend writing/blogging/doing research, etc. This is, of course, a cyclical-thing with me, but after six days I think there would be real value in taking a longer break for three reasons:

+ First, after our most recent gig - and the creativity within that experience evoked - I think I want to spend significantly more time in musical practice and creative written liturgical reflections. 

+ Second, after the first full night of forced fasting from the internet (our place in Montreal had no connection), I sensed a gentle sense of inner refreshment. It stands to reason that my recent reflections on Sabbath-keeping would find a way into my ordinary practices, yes? Such is the blessing and challenge of honoring Sabbath and keeping it holy: it evokes new and ever more healing ways of living.

+ And third, OMG, there is a lot to do to get ready for this upcoming sabbatical! I understand better why the funding source announces the grant 6 months before the actual award; it is going to take at least that long to make all the practical arrangements. While we were away, we checked out 4-5 neighborhoods for potential apartments and discovered that we want to settle into the groove of Le Plateau (especially the far eastern section that is still in transition.) We walked 4-5 hours every day trying to get a "boots on the ground" sense of each locale, too:  where were the grocery stores? how long did it take to get to the Metro? are there bus lines close? do the parks feel safe? who is living in each neighborhood? 

We also made arrangements with a luthier who will rent me an upright bass so I don't have to schlep mine from the US. Their shop was stunning, serious and sensual all at the same time: so much wood and strings and sound! (Check them out here: the Jazz Festival Society... what great folks. Their research center, La médiathèque , is FREE. Located on the top floor of their renovated building (just of Les Places des Arts) their computers, stored music and printed archives will be a field day every time I use it. (check it out here: http://www.montrealjazzfest. com/maison-du-festival-online/ mediatheque.aspx)

So, let's see what all of this means re: who much I am sharing here, ok? For sure once or twice a week, but beyond that qui sait si nous allons le voir, oui? (I have to get cracking on my French, too!)

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Anonymous said...

So happy and proud of you and Di! And excited for you both as you enjoy this future Sabbath break and preparations.
Re. your decision: me, too. I am trying to soothe/cure/fix a weird FB addiction. It's funny because I never "needed" FB before. It just fills a weird gap. I just noticed that I don't have time to read as much anymore, church is seriously busy, and my children need as much attention as I can give them. Not to mention soothing the constant brain churn.

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