Blessed are...

Two pictures from Facebook really spoke to me this week. The first articulates what I have discovered to be at the heart of my calling. It comes from Rock and Roll Industries Magazine - a resource way too heavy metal for my groove - but a place that recognizes the sacredness of artists.
The second was taken earlier today by my sweetheart - on our back deck - and it expresses the beauty and bittersweet realities of autumn in this neck of the woods. 
I had a long and tender conversation about grief and grace with a dear brother yesterday - I love him so - and ache as he walks the journey of his wounds. I visited a church friend in the hospital, too - a soul who wrestles with countless demons within and beyond his mind - and found myself softly weeping as he held my hands in prayer. I snuggled with our puppy earlier this afternoon and read messages from my sister about my father's hospitalization with pneumonia (yet again.) 

It is a quiet and melancholy day. So I listen to one of the saints of this era and smile as she lifts my heart with what is most true.


ddl said…
yes. I believe too. Autumn is still very beautiful as a season in life. I loved that I was a part of my spouse's autumn. And the leaves are truly beautiful. The sound, too, of tenderness. Of words that try to communicate forgiveness and peace. Tenderness has a sound like the sound of warm water poured from a kettle into a shared cup of tea, or the softness of laughter, or the quiet relief of a dangerous time passed. And the beauty of

I am sorry to hear of your father's pneumonia. Please tell Di that she has a good eye--that's a neat photo!

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