Wherever two or three...

Today was a full and demanding day - and just to make matters more complicated my father is slowly failing. It has been coming on for a few years, but the signs are clear. And while he is not yet ready to die - he has agreed to a feeding tube in his stomach for a few months to help him regain a measure of strength - the trajectory is clear. I pray he outwits us all and is able to both reclaim enough strength to walk again as well as get back to his home with my sister in Frederick, MD. We shall see.

So, that has been floating in the back of my mind all day. As I prepared for our
midday Eucharist today I thought, "Maybe the time has come to bring this small oasis to a close. Only a few people come out each week and I wonder if there isn't a better use of my time?" I vested and came to sit on the Chancel where we gather for song, prayer and Holy Communion - and only two souls had chosen to join me. "This is confirmation that we should wind this up," I thought, "knowing that unto all things there is a season."

So I said, "When there are only 2-3 of us I tend to put away the printed liturgy and have a conversation about whatever is going on in your lives: is that ok?" And it was a rich, loving and restful time where we talked about families and autumn, food and relationships and a whole lot more. After 50 minutes, we stood around the communion table, shared a brief prayer and broke bread with one another and Christ. And guess what? It doesn't matter how many people come to midday Eucharist. We ALL need it. We ALL need to know that it is available, too - especially when we need to step away for the bustle and just rest in the shelter of God's grace.

Funny how these things turn out, yes?  I guess it really is true that wherever two or three gather in Christ's name there he is in the midst of us.


Judith said…
Mostly often only two or three ...

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