Freezing but grateful...

It is bitterly cold outside - and only modestly better inside the house. We have sweaters and long johns, multiple layers of socks, too. I am grateful that when the frozen pipe burst yesterday there wasn't more water. Twenty four hours later, the basement and garage are mostly dry. I came across this wonderful quote from one of my favorite books a short time ago. I read it in Tucson and commend it to you wherever you are now:

"What was asked of Jesus in the desert is what is asked of us, that we give up illusion–its false promises and its addicting inertia–and “come to our senses. If instead of waiting for stones to be changed to bread, we share the food we have; if rather than waiting for the fantasy job or lover, we engage the people and work of our lives; if rather than waiting for rescue, we lay down our lives for our friends, then we depart the world of deadly illusion for a living reality in which, “every day the real caress,” as Anais Nin wrote, “replaces the ghostly lover.”from "Things Seen and Unseen: A Year Lived in Faith" by Nora Gallagher.

This morning the local paper ran this article on my upcoming sabbatical - which is only 66 days away! Check it out here: This morning we also did some long distance phone planning with a friend/colleague who will be the interim sabbatical minister during my time away.  There were a variety of other meetings - and planning for a funeral, too.

As this day comes to a close it is clear: Life is full. Life is good. I am frezzing, but grateful.


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