Jazz for the journey - introducing a sabbatical blog

I think we are ready to go public with this - or almost ready. One of the
commitments the Lilly Foundation requires of those who have been awarded a sabbatical grant is "keeping the congregation up to date" on what's happening with the sabbatical. I thought it would be both fun and creative to ask ALL the players to write blog posts whenever they felt so inspired. We've created "Jazz for the Journey" to allow that to happen.

The key players for this are the church moderator, David; my colleague and musical director, Carlton (who will supervise and implement our in-house programming while I am away); our guest interim pastor, Bob, who has lived and ministered in the Berkshires (and was the first clergy person I met in the area); and Di (my sweet heart and co-collaborator.) There is a place, too for comments from the congregation and/or readers.

You may only have passing interest in this, but I wanted you to know what was shaking and welcome you to the journey should you want to go deeper.  

Check it out @ https://jazzforthejourney.wordpress.com/

image of jazz band silouette comes from Keri Speidel at Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.com/keri_speidel/wall-mural-ideas/)


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