sometimes I have eyes to see...

Some days you just have to return thanks and enjoy the surprises.  Today, at midday Eucharist, on a wicked cold day filled with snow flurries and challenging skies, we had a sweet group gather for lectio and communion. A total surprise. 

Before I headed off to church, as I was waxing romantic and spiritual about my puppy, we turned from the breakfast table to discover she had just polished off the rest of the Canadian bacon and was licking the wrapper in the kitchen. Welcome to the real world, dude. Again, a total surprise. Over the course of the day I was told by two people that they had decided to raise their financial pledges to the church fund drive. Surprised? You bet. And just a moment ago, the finest sax player in the region sent me a note confirming an interest in playing for our April 19th "Missa Gaia" performance. I was knocked on my ass in surprise - and gratitude. 

My dear sister is hurting with kidney stones, another beloved relative awaits medical insights about kidney treatments, Dianne is hurting with ear aches, there is more snow on its way tonight, a young friend from church is going through some emotional turmoil and... as my honey said: "We could all be in a tent in Afghanistan." Or, I thought, in a refugee camp in Palestine. 

My life today was filled with surprises - and I am glad that for a moment I had eyes to see. A few passages of scripture come to mind:

+ Proverbs 20: 12:  "Ears that hear and eyes that see, the Lord has made them both."

+ Matthew 13: 6:  "Blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear."

+ Mark 8: 18:  "Do you have eyes but fail to see? And ears but fail to hear - and remember?"

At Eucharist we spoke of becoming inured to the blessings in our midst. For some reason I was awake today - and for that I am grateful.

photo credits: dianne de mott


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