A slow day is good for the soul...

A cool, rainy day in Montreal - a good time to rest and read as we start to make peace with a new rhythm of living. Lucie was having a hard day - lots of anxiety - but now she is at rest. It is going to take some time for this knuckle head to get into the groove. Still, I got some time to practice my bass today so I am grateful. Tomorrow promises sun and about 25C (82ish F) so we'll take in the local street fair, poetry festival and maybe Les 21 Balançoires (21 Swings) downtown.
Tomorrow is also likely to take us to the Mont Royal PAVÉ POÉSIE - a local street poetry fair - that includes games for children, wandering improvisational poets, music, street food and who knows what else? It is a wonderful but tiring challenge to get my French to the place where I can hear discrete words rather than one huge run-on sentence. But we've only been here five days. 

Last night we went to notre petit club de jazz préférée (our favorite little jazz club) -Diese Onze - to listen to "jazz manouche" or Gypsy Jazz. (check it out @ http://www.dieseonze.com /calendrier.php?l=frIt was a gas, very chill and easy and next week we hope to return and hear the all woman manouche band led by Christine Tassan.


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