Becoming diurnal again...

Dianne and I have a running joke between us that the hardest transition we're going to have to make once we return to Pittsfield is becoming diurnal again! No fooling! We're up and active almost ALL night. Next week starts a two week intensive with family and friends visiting so we've got to crack this nut before our children and grandson arrive. Small wonder that I've always loved Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. (Do you think we could change Sunday worship to 11:45 pm on Saturday night?)

I once read about an experimental, ecumenical Eucharist in Helsinki that began about 11:30 pm on a Saturday. It was mostly prayer, trance music and Holy Communion with a bit of scripture and poetry added. It was designed to welcome those who were out late at night but wanted to reconnect with the spirit in addition to whatever else was happening. Everyone was welcome at the table - lots of hearty bread and wine - and then everyone was free to head back into the night.

I think this was the church - dedicated to Sibelius - and carved out of stone. I saw it back in 1982. Stunning.
I wonder if we might do something like that Eucharist from time to time for real when we return... 


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