Only dead fish...

We took Lucie up Mont Royal again this afternoon for an extended "romp in the woods." Clearly she is happiest running around the trees, rocks and extended woodlands here. She tolerates Parc Baldwin - filled with urban families, dogs, games and fun - as it is; but given her druthers, it would be off to the woods. The only problem with this is that it takes us about 20 minutes to get there - most of it through busy city streets - and let's just say this is her least favorite terrain. So, we get there when we can, but it is a full day outing.

Today was devoted to a few practice exercises on the bass - really making certain that my left hand remained in correct form - and then playing patterns all over the neck and inverting various arpeggios. Most days include: 

+ reading some theory and familiarizing myself with notation
+ practicing scales in every key
+ practicing arpeggios using the Circle of Fifths
+ slowly working on a blues in Gm 6 solo transcription
+ reviewing my hand/body position (correcting bad habits)
+ playing along with a You Tube tune

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This weekend I'll start to get to know my new bow - another new adventure in playing - that will add some time to each session. Here's the thing: I am finding that after about 90 minutes with this big boy, I'm beat and ready for a break. There are days when I get to go back to practice, but most of the time I rest, read and then head out for some exploration. Today's romp with Lucie and Di on Mont Royal after practice was enough for us all.

So now, after the house cleaning is done, we're off to the local market for some pasta and sundries before a late dinner. Like many in Montreal, we've shifted our internal clocks. Maybe this is how I work normally: late to rise, work for a few hours, rest, more work and then head outside and carry on until a late dinner takes place about 9 pm. I don't think I've gone to sleep before 1 am since our first week here - or gotten up before 10:30 am - hmmmm...

Tomorrow we are likely to spend the better part of the day exploring one of the small neighborhoods of Montreal that we've never ventured into before - and maybe take in the new documentary on Amy Winehouse. Here's a closing picture that Di took recently at our local park. It was on one of the many picnic tables scattered about and reads: Seuls les poissons morts vont le courant. (Only dead fish go with the current.) Amen to that.



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