Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday morning...

Today is for exploring - so we're going to ride the Metro to the end of the line and see what we discover. I have been loving this poem by Catherine Vallon-Barry included in Ahmad Jamal's CD of the same name: "Saturday Morning."
Saturday morning
alerts and delights us in our
transciency allowing us to taste
the nectar of the variations, the
respirations, the movements of 

What are those steel, bronze,
silver, golden and crystal bells?
Where are we going?
Where and why go and why not
stay where we are?

Saturday morning
a musical stone that rolls in the
depth of our minds, like a song
that is forever sung inspired by
the hereafter,
essence of the essence of the
beginnings of music where minms,
crochets, quavers, semi-quavers
remain tirelessly the same.
So why is everything so
Talking holds no weight before
the right to exist, this force
causing us to madly love life.

Life is simple
Why complicate it?

In the same way that light can
blind us
music bewitches us
the Saturday morning joyful
that encourages you to take
your time, to slow your pace,
to stop running and to sing, to
dance, to stretch out time,
to open, to open, to open
crack the shell as does the
may-beetle with its wings on 
Flight to somewhere unknown,
pure joy of a Saturday morning.

Life is simple
Why complicate it?

Return to the origins of
Orchestrated sound and the
Silence of unknown notes.

Life is simple,
Why complicate it?

Behind this music laughter
Springs as on the first day of
When buds of the Chestnuts burst,
When blossoms of the cherry
When blades of wild grass
Spring from the ground,
When one Saturday morning the
Clouds dance with men,
When piano and bass strings,
Percussion skins and drum
Dance, transfuse into the hidden
Corners of the earth and sky,
Where all memories of music of
The world entwine.
Funk, blues, be-bop, rap

Our bodies empathize with this
Magical world of sound,
Become specks of dust,
Fly freely away.

Take, take back and start again,
Like a child learning to take one
Step then another
Like the steps of life we climb to
Life's end
Singing, humming, whistling,
With the appropriate lightness,
So as not to fall.
Come on, go ahead, go forward
And smile.

Life is fun
Where are you going?
To the left, the right, straight
Just don't go back
Or only just a small step.

Life is simple,
Why complicate it?

Go on start today Saturday 
It is market day for people and 
It is a day to watch the sun's
The new moon still there in the
To take the time to stroll and to
To say to oneself today Saturday
All is aright, why fret, why let my
Thoughts worry me
Since it is the present time far
From the past and further still
From tomorrow,
It is time to gather the petals of
It is time to embrace the fresh or
Warm early morning air
To swallow the tears that
Flow down one's cheeks with
For merely being alive
None of this changes with time
Time without age and suffering. 
Go then, tomorrow is in the 
All this is but a game, the game
Of existence.

Little man, do not cry, life is

Do not forget that you will
Waste time often for nothing
Is easy to love, to observe, to
Listen, to advance even in the
For always morning will down
The next day
The morning of a cycle that
Begins the morning.

After night, the morning,
After dreams, reality,
After reality, non-reality,
After life, death,
After me, you,
After the afters, it is the after
Of tomorrow.
Everything stops but that is an
Everything continues, turns,

Veers and returns

That makes one dizzy but that is
It is the same time all the time.

Life is simple,
Why complicate it?

It is so simple to arise a Saturday
The right foot, the left foot, on your
Knees, on all fours
No matter providing that this
Morning be the one where lips
Smile at the light of day
That words right like sparks of
Fireworks of the soul,
Petals of silver, golden and

The heart expands like a peacock
Parading at the dawn of a
Saturday morning.

Life is simple,
Why complicate it.

(La vie est simple,
Pourquoui la compliquer?"

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