laissez les parties finales commencent...

Today begins our transition from en résidence à Montréal pour les touristes dans notre semaine dernière: we're going to make sure to have fun, be out on the town lots and be sure to make a few key spots - like the Holocaust Museum - that are essential. Next weekend will be mostly a packing and cleaning time so...laissez les parties finales commencent !

As we were walking Lucie to the park, a lovely woman wanted to visit with us and pet "her Highness." Sadly, Lucie was as wacky and nervous as ever, so given the language barrier, I resorted to our stand-by story (after noting that I only speak a little bit of French): Yes, she is a rescue dog - and we're still trying to help her. With encouragement and support, our new friend hopped on her velo (bike) and was off to the market. And then, on our way home, an aging hipster with a shaved head - and an attractive top knot - smiled at us and said, "Bon chapeau, monsieur" to which I tipped my hat with "merci beaucoup!" (He is the only other person besided Di and myself who like this African beauty!)

Now, we're off to the market and a hipster hair salon before tonight's soiree at an Ethiopian bistro and our favorite jazz club: Diese Onze (check it out:


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