Onward into the mystery...

We are off to visit with a friend who has journeyed to spend two days with us at the end of our sabbatical. It will be a lovely reunion - we'll feast, toast one another and take in some Quebecois jazz - for this friendship is a taste of God's love. This morning Fr. Richard Rohr posted a reflection about Teilhard de Chardin that included the following:

In the words of Franciscan Sister and scientist Ilia Delio, "Christ is the purpose of this universe, and as exemplar of creation, [Christ is] the model of what is intended for this universe, that is, union and transformation in God. . . . Because the universe has a 'plan,' we can speak of the evolution of this plan as the unfolding of Christ in the universe, who is 'the mystery hidden from the beginning' (Ephesians 3:9)." 

Two quick thoughts:  first, authentic Christianity does not demand that everyone become a Christian; just that we share the love of God made known to us in Christ from the core of our being. In doing this, the body of Christ becomes flesh in our generation and the heart of God's mystery is revealed. Second, in Christ's life, death and resurrection we see God's plan for the world: compassion and renewal. Again, the more compassion and hope become flesh, the more the core of creation is realized within and among us. 

Few things rival the love, affection and respect between beloved friends - except maybe making music with such friends.  Onward into the mystery.


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