beyond "sloppy agape" christian art...

Whenever I post an essay, sermon or reflection, I search for visual art images to supplement and enhance my words.  It is literally a beautiful time of meditation for me - with one exception. There is so much sentimental, ugly and theologically offensive religious "art" clogging up the pages of "google image search" that I often pull the plug in despair. There are, however, a few go to sites that continue to feed my soul.

+ First, is the Christian Modern Art compendium @ This is an internet directory listing many of the most creative artists mining the vein of intentionally Christian contemporary art.

+ Second, would be CIVA (Christians in Visual Arts) Less an actual art "gallery" than an educational resource for further exploration, this site helps connect those who are hungry for art beyond "sloppy agape" piety.

+ Third, is another directory, Art in the Christian Traditionhttp://diglib.library.vanderbilt. edu/  Collected and updated by Vanderbilt University, this is worth taking time to explore.

+ Fourth, there is the Methodist Modern Art Collection from the UK http://www. /static/artcollection/listofworks.htm. I love this site. I used to visit the Episcopal Cafe, too but of late there seems to be less and less visual art in their new format. 

+ And fifth is the Art Index found on The Text This Week lectionary/preaching site @ http:// This listing is extensive; sadly, there are a number of links that no longer work, too.

Other places that have helped me would have to include

+ Deviant Art  for really out of the box - and often arrestingly beautiful - images.

+ Mako Fujimura

+ Artnet (Georges Rouault)

It helps to be married with an aesthetically creative and theologically savvy visual artists and photographer, too!  Dianne's photographs continue to be a source of inspiration.


ddl said…
Thanks for the resources!

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